Kettering Small Groups

Small Groups (Sabbath Schools) are smaller communities of the Kettering Adventist Church where people from all backgrounds can find a place to be known and become more like Jesus in the study and discussion of His word.

Be Together
Bible Study
Sat 11:30a or Fri 8p
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Join us as we dive deeper into the worship message for the week in face-to-face online groups. We will be using the zoom breakout rooms feature to pair each participant with a small group and leader.

Meeting ID: 993 2774 0906
Passcode: 575441
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Adult's Sabbath
Bible Study
Sat 11a

Worship, learn and fellowship with the "Living Like Jesus” class led by Peter Bath, Clive Wilson, Geeta Wilson and Bruce Chan. This group is a discussion-based class that follows the Adventist Adult Bible Study Guide quarterly. The teaching focuses on practically applying God’s word in our own lives.

Meeting ID: 830 9388 4542
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Bible Study
Sat 11:30a (passcode in + About)

All are welcome to attend a warm, accepting, inclusive small community to dive in a deeper Bible study and prayer.  We study various relevant topics in Scripture to strengthen your faith, to experience the power of His Word and become a mature follower of Jesus.

Meeting ID: 470 853 269
Passcode: 057722
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Bible Study
Thurs 12p (passcode in + About)

This study includes watching a video, honest discussion and prayer. It is a loving, accepting group that values authentic fellowship, studying God’s word and growing stronger in our love and faith in Jesus. All women are welcomed!

February 11, we will start a new 7 week Bible study called “Elijah” written by Priscilla Shirer.  Order your study books from or Amazon.
Meeting ID: 524 179 984
Passcode: 037723
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Children's Corner
Processing Questions
How would you like to be treated by others and the church when you go through an emotional/mental health challenge yourself or someone in your family?
Jesus was full of "Grace and Truth" at the same time (John 1:14). How do you use grace and truth when helping those with mental and emotional challenges? 
Note: There is a phrase that says, "When I'm hurting don't give me a sermon, give me a hug". Could that help as a guide?

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