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Saturdays | 11:30am
+ Adult Groups
Be Together | Room N1
Lead by: JJ & Jessica Blaza
Join us as we dive deeper into the worship message for the week in face-to-face and online groups. We will be using the zoom breakout rooms feature to pair each participant with a small group and leader.
Meeting ID: 849 3541 8249
Professional Life | Room N3
Lead by: Bill Largo
+ About
A group of dynamic and engaged professionals committed to following Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Our team of gifted teachers will study the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly, Sermon Lesson or other timely themes and make it applicable to our daily and Christian life.  They gather for class immediately after the sermon.
Lesson for Life | Room N4
Lead by: Jimmy Phillips
This class uses the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly to foster Biblically-based discussions and friendships. Each week’s study material can be accessed at: or by downloading the Sabbath School Quarterly app.
Thrive Bible Study | Room S3
Lead by: Diana Kallawan
+ About
All are welcome to attend a warm, accepting, inclusive small community to dive in a deeper Bible study and prayer.  We study various relevant topics in Scripture to strengthen your faith, to experience the power of His Word and become a mature follower of Jesus.
Meeting ID: 470 853 269
Passcode: 057722
Conversations Toward God |
Room S4
Lead by: Dave Evans
+ About
Explores the modern day relevance of Biblical themes: the human condition, grace and the community of the church as God's agency of salvation. Gather for class immediately after the sermon.
Living Like Jesus |
Fellowship Hall
Lead by: Bruce Chan
+ About
This group is a discussion-based class that follows the Adventist Adult Bible Study Guide quarterly. The teaching focuses on practically applying God’s word in our own lives. Worship, learn and fellowship with the "Living Like Jesus” class led by Peter Bath, Clive Wilson, Geeta Wilson and Bruce Chan.
Meeting ID: 876 1510 0649
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+ Youth Groups
Perichoresis | Youth Center
+ About
All high school students are invited to connect every Saturday morning at 11:30am in the Youth Center (lower level). Perichoresis is a community intentionally designed for high school students to connect, worship, pray, understand Jesus and the Bible, discuss, ask questions, and apply the scriptures to actual life.
4:13 | Room S1
+ About
All junior high school students [7th & 8th grade] are invited to connect every Saturday morning at 11:30am in the Youth Center (lower level). 4:13 is a community intentionally designed for junior high students that really has two meanings:

First, Paul declares, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”Philippians 4:13

Second, our junior high ministry is called 4:13 because at one point during these two
years the students will be thirteen-years-old. Everything this ministry does is intentionally designed “for” thirteen-year-olds.

+ Children's Groups

Children’s Sabbath School rooms are  open! We are so excited for our kids to experience God, Love and friendship in each new space.

Covid Safety Note: Because our children cannot yet be vaccinated, we’re encouraging additional caution by wearing masks and social distancing for Children’s Sabbath Schools.