Join us each week for our worship service that includes K-LIFE (our regular church announcements), traditional and contemporary music, as well as our weekly teaching that follows our sermon theme. Comment as you watch and share with friends and family!


Following our weekly worship services, we have created a Bible Study discussion guide for you to use with family or friends.  The study allows you to go deeper and wrestle with the themes presented in our sermons.  Use for your personal reflection, or as a guide to discuss with others.

Children's Sabbath School

We are working on providing several online Sabbath Schools for infant-4th graders. Click "Choose a Class" to find the right Sabbath School for your student.

Youth Sabbath School

Every Saturday morning at 11:15a, all junior high students are welcome to join our 4:13 community as we connect, play, pray, worship, study, discuss, and apply the scriptures to actual life. All questions are welcome. Listen in or fully engage to be a part of this junior high Saturday Morning HANGOUT experience through Zoom.

Zoom: 731 103 4157 PW: JASON
Young Adult Sabbath School

Each Friday at 7pm, all are welcome to join our young adult community as we study Scripture together that aligns with the theme of our weekly worships.  Listen in or join the conversation through Zoom.

FRIDAY at 7pm
Adult Sabbath School

Each Saturday, you are welcome to join in the conversation of our Adult Sabbath School class that follows the Seventh-day Adventist Adult Quarterly. Join by link or by phone (number below).

Zoom: 863 0371 2887 PW: 255041
Women's Sabbath School

Tune in Sabbath morning from 11am-12:30pm to join this Women's Bible Study led by Diana Kellawan.