New Update on Worship!
The time has finally come!
The return of in-person services begins this April 2nd with our Grand "Welcome Back" building dedication.
Our Plan is...

with masks and social distancing required onsite, we will open the sanctuary and upper room (new worship space) at:

  • 25% if Montgomery county is in red, level 3,
  • 50% if Montgomery county is in orange, level 2
Don't Miss It!
This page exists to...

keep you up-to-date on all things leading up to the reopen. As we go forward we will be revealing some new exciting additions and alterations to the services and the way we'll do ministry going forward.

We will drop news every week. So, keep checking back!

Opening Weekend
"Welcome Back" Dedication
Friday, Apr 2

A year in the making, join us in the final unveiling of our new Children's Ministry Center and Upper Room worship space. Note: masks required

  • 5:30pm Food trucks & tours
  • 7pm Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
  • 7:30-9pm tours of the new building
Easter Sabbath Worship
Saturday, Apr 3

Easter is back at Kettering! Join us as we kick off our new series: "Backwards Beginnings." Note: masks required

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Going Forward FAQ
Building Procedures
  • Red, level 3: 25% capacity, which is 150 people in the Sanctuary and 60 people in the Upper Room
  • Orange, level 2: 50% capacity, which is 300 people in the Sanctuary and 120 people in the Upper Room
  • Masks are required
  • Social Distancing
  • Sanitizing stations are available at both entrances
  • Each meeting space will be sanitized after use

Every individual is responsible for following the safety protocols. If someone is found without a mask, a greeter or deacon will ask the person to put one on. If that individual is unwilling to abide by this policy, the deacon or greeter will ask them to return home and engage online.

Yes, masks are required at all times.

Parking will be in the north side of the building facing the hospital and only the main lobby entrance used. The south entrance will be locked.

Worship Services

No, we will not be doing temperature screening.

Yes, we will have online registration for both Sanctuary (traditional/contemporary blend) and Ascent (contemporary) services. More information via the link above.

  • Sanctuary: Yes, we will be social distancing in the pews. We will have seating every other pew in the Sanctuary and will rope off pews that are not available. The occupied pews will have a maximum of 6 people in each pew.
  • Upper Room: Yes, the upper room features flex-single chair seating, and will provide for ample social distance, with the ability to modify as needed.

No, we will not be taking up an offering. We will provide dropbox locations including envelopes and sanitized pens. Giving can also be done online, or dropped off at the office during normal weekly hours.

We ask that people do not congregate or stay to socialize while we are in red or in orange. We invite you to do so outside.

No, not while we are in level red.

Masks are required at all times.

The sanctuary service will be a traditional worship whereas ascent will feature more contemporary styles. Tune in next week where we’ll break down the culture of both service styles.

No, a vaccine is not required for attending church.

Sabbath School

Yes, we will provide a group service for children on Saturday during the month of April. Normal Children’s Sabbath Schools will begin at the beginning of May.

  • Adults At the time of opening, we will have limited Adult bible studies. Some will be in person, others will continue online. More information to come after our March 9 Board Meeting.
  • Young Adults: At the time of opening, a Bible Study will be offered in the Upper Room after Worship. If the need arises for an additional Upper Room worship service, due to limited space, Young Adult Bible study may at that time be reevaluated to meet that need.
  • Youth: More information on this to come.
  • Children: Normal Children’s Sabbath Schools will begin at the beginning of May. However, we will provide a group service for children during the month of April.

Masks are required at all times for everyone entering the building above the age of five.

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