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Processing Questions
When was the last time you experienced the insight of hindsight - the reality that there are things in life that only make sense after the fact? While reflecting on this, how do you see God at work in your life?
It’s easy to confuse God’s love with conformity to our agenda. Why is it difficult to fully trust God with life’s outcomes?
"Father, thank you for always loving me forward. Please, help me to trust you more in all life’s moments. Amen."
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KETTERING CONNECT is a weekly video cast hosted by Jason Calvert covering the previous sermon topic for that week. Tune in and watch these informal deeper dive conversations. Have a question about this week's sermon topic? Submit your question below, and we will venture to answer it live in our next Kettering Connect videocast.
Be Home Church is a small group, house church model for community worship. Essentially, we’re encouraging gatherings in very small groups, perhaps at a home or park, to safely watch the service and then discuss the teaching of the week. This will be our model of church until we’re finally able to gather together again safely as one church, one faith community.


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