WElcome to the hub
"Creating innovative ways to connect to God and each other."

What is The Hub?

It's a framework for anyone in our church family to create content that could help others navigate this time of isolation as we seek to protect the most vulnerable.

Your pastors will generate some content (devotionals, weekly video cast on the sermon, live worship, etc…), but then it is our hope that you will share your ideas and lead out in providing resources as well as online content.

The Hub will then be the place where all this content is connected and funneled so that other church or community members can access it.


Step 1: Idea

Have an idea for a ministry, or a resource you’d ike to share with others in these categories: Discipleship, Worship, Serving, Fitness, Fun, Family.

Step 2: Share Your Vision

Fill out a quick form to share your idea with the pastoral staff. (See Below)

Step 3: We Contact You

The pastor in charge of the area that your idea falls into will connect with you within 24 hours so you can know howto proceed with your idea/resources.

Step 4: Organize

If your idea involves social media content, you’ll receive instructions for how to produce and share your opportunity with the church so it can be added to THE HUB. If it is a resource, our communications director will add your resources to the appropriate places for sharing.

Step 5: Keep in Touch

If your idea involved daily social media content or online meetings (once approved) you’ll drive said content or meetings until you are unable to continue or feel the resource has lived its purpose. Please keep in contact with the pastor in charge of your content so we can keep the hub properly updated.